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A Prayer for the 2022 Season

Dinesh Sooful: “A prayer made to protect everyone”

A prayer took place on Thursday April 21, 2022 with the presence of some Mauritian jockeys – B.Sooful, N.Marday, S.Rama, T.Juglall, M.Teetan, A.Roy, P.Mogun, L .Kalychurun, D.Bheekary, K.Ramsamy and O.Sola – to bless the track and ask for protection for all who do this oh so dangerous job. Jérôme Pilot, Managing Director of MTC and Acting CEO of MTCSL is also present. Dinesh Sooful, president of the jockeys association, tells us more. “Prayer is a normal thing that we are supposed to do every year. We started this practice again last season because there was a serious incident where a colleague lost his life. We wanted there to be three Priests like there was last season, but unfortunately that couldn’t happen – the other Priests weren’t available – but that’s okay. Prayers have been made for all of our colleagues that what happened last season will not happen again, that we will start our work well and finish it well so that we can go home and see our families again. This prayer was made to protect everyone. »

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