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We are the owner of the largest Horse .Racing collection. 


A Collection of 30+ .RACING Exact Match Domains.

“The Global Horse and Sports Betting Market is expected to grow by $139.52B during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period.” 

Source – Reportlinker


You’re familiar with .Gov and .Org

Those are the gold standard domain endings for government agencies and charity organizations.

.Racing is the premier domain ending for businesses in the racing industry, including motorsports, horseracing, and track and field, just to name a few.  With each passing year, as more businesses venture away from .com’s and begin to gravitate towards industry relevant domains, the .Racing domain continues to grow in desirability.

“The Future is about Strategic Domain Value, especially as a Portfolio of Domain Names. No longer are we in an era where companies only maintain one single domain we talking about a portfolio of domains. ”
Edmon Chung – CEO of Dot.Asia

  • Asia:  1 continent, 6 countries, & 6 cities

  • Middle East:   4 countries & 4 cities

  • Europe:  6 countries & 2 country terms

  • Africa:  1 capital

  • North America:  2 countries

  • Oceania:  3 countries

  • Global Terms:  10 universal terms

Portfolio Overview:

World’s #1 most valuable horse .racing domain

Top 10 World’s most valuable horse .racing domains

It allows you to build out a horse betting network and have the opportunity to become THE LEADING OPERATOR OF HORSE BETTING WEBSITES…which is a Top 5 sports betting market…worth over $100 billion each year.

Horse racing is one of the world’s Top 5 sporting events, and #2 in many countries, including the United Kingdom and India, the world’s 2nd most populous country with 1.3 billion citizens

  • The Horse .Racing monopoly connects to over 100 million horse racing betters in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and beyond.

World Top Ten Horse Racing Betting Countries


Value (£)





China (Hong Kong)








South Korea









     BetHorse.Racing – HUGE EDM & SEO & TYPE-INS DOMAIN – $125,000


  • AsiaHorse.Racing 

    World’s #1 AsiaHorse.Racing is considered by many to be World’s #1most valuable horse racing domain. Asia has 4 countries in the Top 10 in terms of money spent on horse race betting, including the #1, #3, #7, and #9 positions.The Asian market generates $33 billion of the $59 billion spent on horse race betting by the Top 10 countries.  That is 56% market share of the global Top 10.                                                         

  • JapaneseHorse.Racing

World’s #1 / Top 3 JapaneseHorse.Racing is considered by many to be the World’s #3 most valuable horse racing domain. Japan is the #1 country which Top the Horse Racing revenue in the World. Horse racing in Japan is a popular equestrian sport, with more than 21,000 horse races held each year.

  • TokyoHorse.Racing

The Tōkyō Yūshun (東京優駿), also called the Japanese Derby (日本ダービー, Nippon Dābii) is a Grade 1 flat horse race in Japan for three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies run over a distance of 2,400 metres (approximately 1 mile 4 furlongs) at the Tokyo Racecourse, Fuchū, Tokyo in late May or early June.

  • MacauHorse.Racing

World’s #1 / Top 4 MacauHorse.Racing is considered by many to be the World’s #4 most valuable horse racing domain.  Macua is the #1 gambling capital of Asia and 300% more gambling occurs in Macua than in Las Vegas.

  • HongKongHorse.Racing

World’s Top 5 HongKongHorse.Racing is considered by many to be the World’s 5th most valuable horse racing domain.  Hong Kong is 4th in global market share of horse racing bets.

  • MalaysiaHorse.Racing

World’s Top 10 MalaysiaHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 10 most valuable horse racing domains.  Malaysia is 9th in the world in terms of money spent on horse betting

  • ShanghaiHorse.Racing

World’s Top 10 ShanghaiHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the world’s Top 10 most valuable horse racing domains.  10 years ago, horse betting was made legal in parts of China.  Since then, slowly but surely, betting on horse racing has grown in popularity.  Shanghai, is the world’s #3 most populous city and represents the #1 market growth opportunity for horse betting.      

  • IndiaHorse.Racing

World’s Top 10 IndiaHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 10 most valuable horse racing domains.  India is the World’s #2 Most Populous Country, with 1.3 billion citizens.  As more of the country emerges into the middle class, the size of the India horse betting market continues to soar.  Horse Racing is the #2 most popular sport in India.

  • SouthKoreaHorse.Racing

World’s Top 10 TaipeiHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 10 most valuable horse racing domains.

  • SingaporeHorse.Racing

World’s Top 20 SingaporeHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 20 most valuable horse racing domains.

  • TaipeiHorse.Racing

World’s Top 30 TaipeiHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 30 most valuable horse racing domains.

  • PhilippineHorse.Racing

World’s Top 50 PhilippineHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 50 most valuable horse racing domains.  
Bundled Portfolio 12 Domains – Priced at $1,000,000 – NOW REDUCED $500,000

  • DubaiHorse.Racing | World’s Top 10 DubaiHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s Top 10 most valuable horse racing domains.  The Dubai World Cup, one of the world’s pre-imminent horse racing events, has money prizes exceeding $25 million.

  • AbuDhabiHorse.Racing | World’s Top 30

  • BharainHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

  • DohaHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

  • EmiratesHorse.Racing | World’s Top 30

  • IranHorse.Racing | World’s Top 40

  • QatarHorse.Racing | World’s Top 20

  • SaudiArabiaHorse.Racing | World’s Top 40

     Bundled Portfolio Priced WAS $1,000,000 – NOW REDUCED $500,000

  • GreatBritainHorse.Racing | World’s Top 30 Considered by many to be one of the world’s Top 30 most valuable horse racing domains.  Horse racing is the 2nd most popular sport in the UK.  The only reason we do not place this domain in the Top 10 is because we reserve that ranking for UKHorse.Racing.

  • GreeceHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

  • GermanHorse.Racing | World’s Top 30

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  • SouthAfricaHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

Priced WAS $150,000 – NOW REDUCED $75,000 

  • USHorse.Racing | World’s Top 10 USHorse.Racing is considered by many to be one of the World’s #2nd most valuable horse racing domains. We also secure the full correct spelling domain for SEO benefits.

Bundled Package (North America & Canada) Priced WAS $250,000 – NOW REDUCED $125,000

  • AustraliaHorse.Racing | World’s Top 20

  • NewZealandHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

  • TasmaniaHorse.Racing | World’s Top 50

Bundled Package Priced WAS $250,000 – NOW REDUCED $125,000

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