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Friday 27th May Training (Port Louis)

Friday morning’s training session turned out to be very interesting with around 110 gallops recorded. It should be noted that a few lapses of 10s were recorded, which suggests that the horses are actively preparing for the start of the season, even if the date of the first day is not yet known. Rye Joorawon and Abhishek Sonaram, still recovering, are absent. Remus (P.Beenee) leaves a very good impression during his 200m spurt after passing the goal. Working freely, he achieves 10.95s. Walls Of Dubrovnik (P.Beenee) seems very close to his best level. He is the author of an eye-catching run over 600m, realizing 34.81s. Gunston (O.Sola) is the author of an interesting work on 600m where he realizes 35.58s. Bye Bye Rocket (O.Sola) gallops over 400m in 23.28s. Blackburn Roc is on the climb. Galloping over 600m, he clocked 35.56s. Emblem Of Hope has lost none of its superb condition. As usual, he attracts attention over 400m, completing the whole thing in 22.84s. He will be a hard bone for his opponents again this year. Alyaasaat (B.Sooful) seems completely recovered. Moreover, he is very comfortable during his exercise over 600m where he achieves the excellent time of 34.21s. Crazy Charlie (B.Sooful) is bursting with energy. During his 600m exercise, he clocked 34.57s. Count Jack (E.Migale) stayed away from competition last season. This year it looks noticeably better. Moreover, he is the author of a good time over 400m, or 22.67s. Cyber Special (B.Sooful) is very comfortable galloping over 400m in 22.79s.

Times New Roman (S.Azie) is the author of a very interesting gallop over 400m. He, who is usually not very enterprising, covers the distance in 23.59s. It remains to be seen whether he will repeat this performance in the race. Lemon Drop Shot (J.da Silva) is the author of a very good job. Over 800m, he spreads his beautiful strides to complete the whole thing in 47.64s. Color My Fate (J.da Silva) continues to chain good performances at gallop time. Over 600m, he achieves 36.41s. Cloud Seeder (J.da Silva) maintained a very good condition. He gallops over 1000m in 1.00.48s. Mezuzah (B.Gooljar) has lost none of its brilliance. He maintained excellent condition and, equipped with side-winkers and a noseband, he clocked 23.41s over 400m. Padre Pio (R.K.Chumun) seems ready to start his 2022 campaign. Galloping freely over 800m, he sets the time of 47.96s. Manetheren has been kept in excellent condition since the start of the year. Exercising over 600m, he clocked 36.21s. Your Pace Or Mine leaves a good impression when working on 800m. His time is 47.97s.

The most prominent are: Walls Of Dubrovnik - Emblem Of Hope - Mezuzah - Alyaasaat - Times New Roman

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