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Jose Da Silva: I want to score as many winners

After Peter Knuckey and Chase Maujean, Jose De Souza is the third foreign rider to be present at the Champ de Mars. Arrived in the country yesterday, he got into the saddle today, Thursday, April 21. We met him to give us his impressions. “I am happy to be here. It is a fresh chapter in my career, and I hope it goes well for me. I want to be successful for Mr Mahadia, score as many winners as possible and satisfy the owners and connections.’’ We have often repeated it: the Champ de Mars is known to be a ‘tricky track’. He, who has already worked there, tells us more. “The track is tricky and not that easy. But if you sit on a good horse, everything comes naturally. If you can get the following horse in a good position, everything will work in the end. After I rode the horses, we did a walk of the track, trying to get some ideas for the race day. So far, everything is in order and, fingers crossed, everything goes good.’’ To conclude, he quickly tells us about the horses in his stable. “All of the horses are in good shape and condition. The horses that I rode this morning, I am very happy with them.’.

Amar Sewdyal bought the promising Lord Varys (8 starts – 2 wins – 2 places), Wilde World (4 starts – 0 wins – 1 place), Yoho Mist (3 starts – 0 wins – 2 places) and Siege Ram (2 out – 0 win – 0 place). These are 2 and 3 year old couriers. They have plenty of room for improvement. Jockey Stats: 

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