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Meet Ismael Mastan – Best Tipster of the Press 2011

Ismael Mastan, is a horse lover, he developed this great passion from an early age. He has been part of the horse racing scene for about fifteen years and the title of best press tipster was awarded to him with his team in 2011. In 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ismael decided to take a sabbatical year. However, his passion remained intact and his desire to get back in the saddle is stronger than ever. Rubbing shoulders with horses and jockeys, attending morning training sessions… That’s all he asks for. In 2021 Ismael joined the ION News team to present “TIPS LEKURS” where he commented on each races, and gave his predictions and experience with other racing enthusiasts. However, Ismael has other strings to his bow since he is a banker who worked in the world of finance for more than fifteen years. But his strong passion for horses is such that he would even consider ending his career as a banker if an opportunity presented itself to him in the equestrian world. “Why not? he says simply. In the meantime, he intends to bring “a touch of freshness and novelty” to the horse racing world.

Well, we hope that  this opportunity he has been waiting for is with us at MauritiusHorse.Racing.

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