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Stables & Horses News

This week we saw the following movement of horses:

Simon Jones can now smile has he welcomes 10 new horses to his stable. It is Praveen Nagadoo who loses the most horses, 8, leaving his yard. On the other hand, Simon Jones, whose workforce was the smallest until yesterday, welcomes 10 residents which are: Pin Drop (Ex Hurchund) and Master Of Illusion (Ex Daby) have been reinstated to Simon Jones’ squad. They are joined in this yard by Walnut, We Light The Fire (Ex C.Ramdin), Lead Singer, Snowy Mountain, Senor Don, Quest For Good (Ex Perdrau), Digital Fortress and Midnight Oracle (Ex Nagadoo). Alain Perdrau sees three horses joining his ranks, namely Summerdale, Master Mariner and The Gypsy King, all from Praveen Nagadoo. The stable headed by Raj Ramdin continues to welcome other horses, including three this time, namely Creation, Pop Icon and Subtropical (Ex. Nagadoo). 

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