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The HRD Delivers the 2022 Licenses

On the 2 April 2022, the Horse Racing Division (HRD) approved the licences of 15 horse racing trainers:

1 – Simon Jones,

2- Ramapatee Gujadhur,

3- Somraj Mahadia,

4- Preetam Daby,

5- Raj Ramdin,

6- Gilbert Rousset,

7- Ricky Maingard,

8- Shirish Narang,

9- Praveen Nagadoo,

10- Amar Sewdyal,

11- Vincent Allet,

12- Patrick Merven,

13- Shyam Hurchund,

14- Alain Perdrau and,

15- Dr Vicky Ruhee *New Stable & Trainer of 2022 

This season we have a total of 17 Mauritian jockeys, 7 apprentices, 2 stable supervisors, and 6 assistant trainers, who are Dr Hemant Kumar Gujadhur, Hacksaye Sookoo, Sudesh Seesurrun, Vinay Naiko, Hemraz Awotar and Camille Merven have all got their licences.

The HDR advised that more names will be added to the list below in the following week.

The latest news about the MTCSL License

MTC Sports and Leisure Ltd. stated in a clarification: “As it relates to obtaining our license from the Horse Racing Division (HRD), MTCSL would like to reassure the general public that all required documents will be submitted to the HRD by the deadline of April 7, 2022.

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