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TRAINING 16-6-2022

Nourbese… what a treat! 

Desert Boy with sidewinkers. Nourbese delighted us this morning on the straight under the saddle of Rai Joorawon. He came back on Kayden’s Pride, which was shooting, with disconcerting ease, thus demonstrating that he will be even stronger this year. At the level of the spurts, the horses of Narang and Mahadia are in evidence. Mauritius, which will make its return to a 990m, is spared. Desert Boy, equipped with sidewinkers and a noseband, sprints well under the saddle of Bernard Faydherbe (12.96 and 13.14). This courier was entitled to a good preparation. Kayden’s Pride has maintained good condition since March. He wanted to run and from the 800m, he gives his jockey a hard time. Nourbese, who had Joorawon on his back, stayed down to the road. The Maingard stable champion came back at high speed V on Kayden’s Pride, which nevertheless pulled a lot. Joorawon, who was trying to contain his horse’s efforts, was furious with his colleague in the straight, because Nourbese wanted to dominate Kayden’s Pride (12.40, 12.07, 12.79, 12.18, 12.81, 7.40). Nice performance from Trippis Express under the saddle of Anand Bhundoo. Intothemystic, now at 20 points, comes with blinkers, a tongue tie and a noseband. This steed multiplied interesting gallops and this Thursday morning, he was comfortable under the saddle of Allyhossain (11.62, 13.64).

Ladderman makes interesting gallops and he has a nice attitude in the straight line (11.29). Giggin fends off the onslaught of Jay’s Dancer between the 1500m to 2200m (14.16, 11.85, 12.17). Undercover Agent still has some work to do while Frosted Gold isn’t trying hard. Emblem of Hope unrolls quietly close to the outer bars. The bulk of the work has already been done on the sidelines of its 2022 debut. Your Pace or Mine is full of gas on the climb (12.17, 13.67). It will start directly on 1600m. A daring bet, but this courier has had a lot of gallops since February. Gordonstoun opened his lungs between the 1500m to 1200m (12.00). Nikhil’s Inn worked on longer (13.96, 12.71 and 12.78). Pietro Mascagni does not leave us indifferent because he is diligent and solid (12.24). Swagger Jagger is in great shape and he’s completely satisfied on the straight (12.38) as is Watch Me Dad (12.68, 12.09, 13.51). Inn A Million can aim for a run this year. He has a good rode and does a good job alone. Courtroom Magic, Culture Trip, Stageworld, Haylor, Donnan are good right now. Lunafaction will be to follow after its recent gallops. It is clear on the climb (11.48). And to finish, Candle Cove confirms its good health with a 13.83, 12.36, 13.47.

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