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Training News 12-4-2022

Training on Tuesday April 12, 2022 (Port Louis) – Unlike previous weeks, this Tuesday’s training session is somewhat of a surprise with only 68 gallops having been recorded. However, the small track is in good condition! We notice that Vincent Allet finally begins extensive work with his horses. Wordbuster (R.Boutanive) seems well in his skin. He spurts over 200m in 12.22s. Well Connected (D.Bheekary) works correctly on 200m in 12.13s. Talisman (D.Bheekary) is in very good condition at the start of the year. Spurting over 200m, he clocked 11.39s. He is in the company of Canary Island (R.Boutanive). Copenhagen (R.Boutanive) also leaves a good impression. Galloping over 400m, he clocked 23.32s. Midnight Messenger (D.Coopen) does well during his 400m exercise. He sets the time of 23.79s. Majestic Moon (D.Coopen) practices over two rounds. He pleasantly concludes his exercise on 400m in 24.44s. Arctic Flyer (K.Mohun) is restrained during his work. Spurting over 200m, he clocked 11.88s. Kamadeva (N.S.Batchameah) exudes great form. Exercising over 400m, he completes the whole thing in 24.11s. Doublethink (R.Mayur) is still in resplendent shape. Galloping freely over 400m, his time is 23.89s. The Byzantine (N.S.Batchameah) deserves to be followed at the start of the season. Working freely over 400m, he achieves 24.03s. Yankee Force (A.Roy) wears a very nice dress. Exercising freely over 600m, he achieves 35.65s. Marrakech (S.Rama) continues to deliver great performances in training. Exercising with Sockeroo (L.Goomany) over 600m, he achieves 35.86s. Bon Viveur (N.Emamdee) exudes health. Working over 800m, he completed the course in 35.74s. He is alongside Roman Dancer (J.Sophie). Al Madhar (E.Migale) was somewhat disappointing last season. He seems better about himself this season. Moreover, his work on 400m demonstrates it, completing his journey in 23.96s. Consul Of War (Y.Yeung Ki), who seems in good condition, exercises freely over 400m in 24.46s. The best is expected from him this season.

The horses to follow: Copenhagen - The Byzantine - Marrakech

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